Join the Black Falcon School of Arms for a weekend of Historical European Martial Arts at Hauke Swordplay Summit!

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Mark your calendars for Virtual Hauke 2021. Come join us for this summer presentation series extravaganza. Over the course of thirteen weeks, a collection of twelve Historical European Martial Arts instructors will be presenting a variety of topics. The event will be offered free of charge via Zoom. Sign up here at (soon!) to receive appropriate class announcements and Zoom links. The lecture series will take place Sunday afternoons minus two holidays, kicking off June 6 and wrapping up August 29. For the current schedule, click here.

Summer of Hauke

Greetings! Hopefully, everyone is enjoying a safe and lovely holiday season. As the new year is rapidly coming upon us, it is becoming more apparent that being able to safely hold an in person Hauke for June 2021 is unlikely. While the covid19 vaccines are slowly becoming available to help save the day, published estimates do not currently show that enough people will be inoculated in time to have a safe in-person event by summer (we would love to have this be proven wrong). The safety of participants will always be paramount to the Black Falcon School of Arms. With a heavy heart this is the official announcement that an in-person Hauke will not be occurring June 2021.

HOWEVER, as 2020 has taught all of us, most folks have access to video conference equipment so with a positive, glowing heart we would also like to announce the first VIRTUAL Summer of Hauke. The Summer of Hauke will start the first weekend of June 2021. Various instructors will be presenting weekly online lectures/activities for interested parties throughout the summer. The sessions will focus on subjects related to Historical European Martial Arts. Details are forthcoming as we shift our focus for the virtual summer event.

Thank you everyone for your support and camaraderie in arms. See your smiling faces for THE SUMMER OF HAUKE!

Photo Contest Winners

It’s the moment that a least a handful of people were waiting for: after much deliberation and tie breaking votes, we are finally announcing the winners of the Tournoi du Faucon Noir photo contest. As a reminder the first place photographer will receive $100 and second place receives $50. However, due to the delay in announcement, it has been decided to add a years worth of inflation to the prize money, which is 2.3%. Therefore the actual prize allowance will be $102.30 and $51.15.

We would like to congratulate Chris Zupancic in first place and Meg Godbout in second place. You may view the photographs here.

Regarding the first place photograph, the judges who voted for the piece explained the dynamic movement of the shot captured the excitement and challenge of the tournament. For the second place photograph, the judges appreciated the illustration of fraternity and serenity found within it.

We would like to thank all of our participants for showcasing their remarkable talent.