Mission statement

The Hauke Swordplay Summit pledges to provide a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all students of historical fencing and martial arts through focused practice and demonstration, with an emphasis on chivalric culture.

What to expect

When you attend the Hauke Swordplay Summit, you can expect a relaxed, focused atmosphere of HEMA camaraderie. Specific, interesting classes and lectures aimed towards helping to improve your understanding of HEMA share the daytime with our Deed of Arms—the Tournoi du Faucon Noir, in which participants work to recreate 15th century martial contests. The evening features free fencing in the fieldhouse, food and drink, and late-hour discussions between friends old and new.

Hosted by the Black Falcon School of Arms, the Summit is also your chance to get hands-on with the rarely-studied medieval English martial tradition contemporary with Fiore and Liechtenauer. Whether discussing the finer points of Burgundian pollaxe over brandy in the common room, grinding the burrs from your sword before the next bout of the Squires’ Deed, or comparing interpretations of the Grand Coupee, the Hauke Swordplay Summit aims to be your Rocky Mountain destination for a HEMA event where each letter of the acronym is equally important.


La Foret is a not-for-profit organization providing sanctuary for all to consider the transcendent issues of life. Open year-round and nestled in the heart of Black Forest, it is surrounded by over 350 acres of majestic Ponderosa Pines.

La Foret had originally been a 500-acre summer estate of Alice Bemis Taylor, a philanthropist and an important Colorado Springs family. Mrs. Taylor held artist-in-residence programs on the estate she called La Foret. The Taylor Memorial Chapel was built one year after the lodge as a memorial to her husband, Frederick Morgan Pike Taylor. Alice Taylor died in 1942 and the property was deeded to the Colorado Congregational Church by the Bemis Taylor Foundation.


La Foret is a rustic camp setting with group cabins. These cabins are generally laid out with a central "living" space, two shared bathrooms, and four rooms with bunk beds. There are typically 4 bunks to a room so it is not likely that anyone (or couple) will have a private room. If available, we will attempt to accommodate requests.

For more information on La Foret, please visit their website at https://www.laforet.org


Please bring a valid ID and a signed copy of our waiver with you for checkin. You may view and download it here.