Please be patient as we finalize our list of Instructors for Hauke 2024. There is more to come!

Roy Barnett - Black Falcon School of Arms
Roy Barnett is a Scholar of the Black Falcon School of Arms and Co-Founder of the order of the Peregrine along with Michael Fogleson. He has been studying English swordplay for over a decade. His experience in several other martial arts including Jiu-jitsu and Judo is an expression of his dedication to this art, as he is singularly focused on expanding his school’s knowledge-base and understanding of new or previously unexplored supplements to the English style. Roy’s present objective is learning and instructing others in the application of English Wrestling to Swordplay.

Classes taught: Cornish Wrestling - Wrestling in the English Tradition
Jack Brinkman - Rocky Mountain Swordplay Guild
Jack Brinkman is the Instructor of Bolognese, Scholar of Armizare and Scholar of Bolognese at the Rocky Mountain Swordplay Guild, a Western Martial Arts School based in Englewood, CO. He has been active in Western Martial Arts for over a decade, joining the RMSG in 2013. Since then, he has worked with the Chicago Swordplay Guild to develop an understanding of Renaissance swordplay and kickstart the study and instruction of the Bolognese tradition at his home guild. He specializes in the sidesword alone, but avidly practices longsword in Fiore's tradition as well as armored combat in either.

Classes taught: Survival Skills for a Duel
Kendric Evans - Rocky Mountain Swordplay Guild
Kendric Evans is a Scholar in the Rocky Mountain Swordplay Guild, Head of RenScots martial arm and has been involved in some form of martial arts for 30 years. One of the areas of his focus lately has been expanding representation of traditional martial arts of Scotland by developing material based on the available treatises where possible, while stress testing them in different sparring contexts.

Classes taught: Spear and Pictish Buckler
Michael Fogleson - Black Falcon School of Arms
Michael Fogleson is a Scholler with the Black Falcon School of Arms and Co-Founder of the Order of the Peregrine along with Roy Barnett. He has been studying with the BFSA for over 10 years and has experience in both English and German traditions with his Free Scholler work looking deeper into Johannes Lecküchner’s Art of Swordsmanship and how it can be translated to English Falchion.

Classes taught: Special Event: Morgen Messers Mit Messer Mike
Ben Holman - Black Falcon School of Arms
Ben Holman is a founder and rector of the Black Falcon School of Arms, and has been studying and teaching English swordplay for more than 25 years. He has interest in all time periods in HEMA and currently finds himself fascinated by smallsword (he’s just getting started, so he’d love it if you shared your knowledge). He’s also climbed 51 of Colorado’s 58 14-thousand-foot peaks.

Classes taught: ‘As in the chapter of the grip does plainly appear’ - Grappling at the sword according to George Silver
Aaron Karnuta - Salida Historical Fencing
Aaron Karnuta is a certified longsword instructor and multi-medalist fencer who has competed internationally in both open and invitational fencing competitions. He's been training and teaching HEMA for more than a decade with a variety of clubs, and is happy to bring his expertise and love of historical fencing to his hometown of Salida. With a focus on the Liechtenauer tradition of longsword, Aaron brings a deep knowledge of both historical sources and modern competitive practice that's hard to match.

Classes taught: Intro to German Longsword
Tom Karnuta - Black Falcon School of Arms
Tom has been practicing historical fencing for over a decade and holds a second degree Black Belt in Doce Pares escrima and Chung Do Gwan TKD. He has studied several disciplines of HEMA with clubs in the Denver and Colorado Springs area, and has bee lucky enough to spend extended time in Italy studying with the Sala d'Arme Achille Marozzo – Lucca. He has competed in competitions throughout the USA and Italy.

Classes taught: Stick Em With The Point
Ben Roberts - Black Falcon School of Arms
Ben Roberts is a founder and rector of the Black Falcon School of Arms, and has been studying and teaching English swordplay for 25 years. Fascinated with chivalric culture and English linguistics and philology, his descent into the madness of English martial arts seems inevitable in retrospect. He has yet to repent of this self-inflicted lunacy. He reads a ridiculous amount of Tolkien and loves video game history.

Classes taught: The Peerage are Watching - Tactical Decision-Making in the Harleian Two Hander
Douglas Wagner - Rocky Mountain Swordplay Guild
Douglas Wagner is the Dean of Curriculum and Head Instructor of the Rocky Mountain Swordplay Guild, a Western Martial Arts school based in Englewood, Colorado, focusing on the works of Fiore dei Liberi and related traditions. Douglas began his sword studies as a competitive epee fencer and kendo practitioner, and joined the Rocky Mountain Swordplay Guild in 2004. Becoming head instructor of the RMSG in 2011, Douglas has taught at numerous WMA and HEMA events, and hosts weekly classes in the Denver area. He is honored to be returning as an instructor to the Hauke Swordplay Summit in 2024.

Classes taught: Fiore’s Throws with the Sword