Join the Black Falcon School of Arms for a weekend of Historical European Martial Arts at Hauke Swordplay Summit in Cañon City, Colorado. Held June 28-30 2019 at the Abbey (formerly known as the Holy Cross Abbey).

T-Shirt Design Finalized

It’s very mysterious. We promise that it will be hard to mistake for another HEMA T-shirt from far away. Will you treasure it for years? Will you be able to spot our volunteers from orbit? The answer to both questions can only be confirmed by signing up soon!

Instructors Announced

Meg Godbout, Tom Karnuta, and Ben Roberts are only some of the nice folks who will be teaching at our inaugural event! Don’t miss your chance to cross blades or swap entertaining lies with these folks! Want more? We’ve got ‘em (but they’re still secret). More instructor announcements to follow.

Hauke Swordplay Summit Announced

Couldn't get time off for Longpoint? Couldn't get registered for WMAW? Don't live remotely near anything happening on either coast? Check out our inaugural event, intended as a focus for all HEMA schools in the Rockies and on the Great Plains. Guest instructors, lectures, open sparring, and our annual Deed of Arms--the Tournoi du Faucon Noir--all at the historic Abbey in a relaxed atmosphere right next to the Winery!

Deed of Arms

The Tournoi du Faucon Noir will now take place at the Hauke Swordplay Summit! In addition to our Knights’ and Squires’ Deeds from years past, the event will be integral with instructional courses, lectures, and free sparring! Need a refresher on the Palmer Accords? Check out the rules here.